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Monday, December 6, 2010

Riding through the threshold of pain

Team Billabong Athlete Dylan Prideaux

Back on the Liquid Force Rail Jam tour with event 3 at Logan.  I smashed my hand up pretty bad and had missing skin and blood every time I rode.  I shouldn’t have rode the event, but the points tally for the season is important so I figured it was too important to not ride.

I managed to win my heat, but a couple of falls in the final dropped me to 3rd place.  This dropped me to 2nd place in the Overall Comp behind James Windsor and just in front of Ethan Clifford.  With 3 rounds to go it’s wide open and last years winner Jamie Neville is just behind us in 4th place.

Liquid Force Hammer Time
I also had fun in the Liquid Force Hammer Time Invitational.  It was the Top 13 riders all going head to head with water tricks and big kicker tricks in a winner takes all format.  I finished 4th and was really stoked because I finished in front of some pro riders who I really respect and it was nice to be in the same company as them

The day after the rail comp I had to go and shoot some video for the Liquid Force Movie with Mick Neville and Chris Flaxman.  Cory Teunissen was also there filming for O’Brien.  We had bad weather, lots of rain but as usual the wake on Mick’s boat was really good.  Considering my injuries I rode pretty well throwing down a couple of 720 variations and a couple of different mobe 5’s.

I am staying off the water for a few days now to heal before flying to Sydney this weekend for 9 days of boat, cable, another Rail Jam, and the Grom Stock Boat Comp.  Should be a fun week.