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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to Georgia - Pro Tour Stop 1 at Acworth

I had the First Stop of the Pro Tour in Acworth, Georgia. This is always one of my favourite stops because the crew down there always put it on for us, between hanging on the beach with my local mates at the contest to hanging at Cliffs house, always the best weekend! I rode OK but came unstuck on a sticky rail.  No excuses, just not good enough to make the Semis.

This time the event was at a different location, but as usual it was a great spot.  It was awesome to see Phil Soven take out the first stop.  Great for CTRL to be on top of the podium and it really backed up my decision to join them as a company that is going places.

Then after the contest, we headed to the SMG 2.0 contest trying to get a grab at the cash prize, the contest got rained out so it got cancelled. But Austin said he saw some sick hand rails on the lake due to the lake being so full. One of the boys makes a call, a G23 with like 16 people on it and a jet ski roll up and say, 'lets do this'.
Scoping the scene for a rail hit

So many options - good rails

Then one thing lead to another and we ended up meeting them back at their Lake House to take a set on the G23.
Nice place to enjoy some Georgian hospitality

We jumped at the opportunity to do this so we met up with them at their lake house mansion, down the road from their actual home.  We showed up to ride the G23 with about 15 other people coming to watch us ride.  This was about to be the cap off to an almost perfect day!
Super Air Nautique G23 - Ultimate Ride

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to the USA

After saying goodbye to my family again I headed off for my 4th tour of the US, my 4th year of the 'Endless Summer'.  I landed in Orlando at about 6 am and got picked up by my good mate and former tour champ  Nick Galotifiore.  As soon as we got home it was straight out on the boat for a sunrise set on Lake Conway on Nick's Nautique 230.

It was the best first set here, glassy lake, big wake, and sick tricks being thrown for both our first sets in the American summer. It was a great way to shake off over 24 hours of travel time.

I couldn't wait for good friend Freddie Wayne to get back from college to spend the his summer in Orlando and to catch up with Mike Dowdy whose Nautique G23 puts off the biggest wake around.

Between Nick, Freddie, Mike and Chloe Mills' Nautique 230, it really has started off as a Summer of Nautiques with the sickest wakes ever!

Orlando Fun - Picture Credit David McGregor - DM Photography