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Monday, January 10, 2011

My first comp ride in Melbourne

Since I started competitive wakeboarding I have looked forward to have a chance to ride in Melbourne, after all I spent my first 10 years growing up there and that’s where we have a lot of family and friends including my brother Ben.

With the loss of Wake Wars to South Australia, it opened the door for an event in Melbourne at Docklands. 
Unfortunately whilst it was hot it was also windy and it was tough conditions for all the riders.  The slider and fun box just couldn’t be anchored so they were taken off course making it a wake trick only event.

The course was tight so the Mastercraft X-Star provided had to be run on virtually no ballast to allow enough time to get the boat on a plane to suit the short course.

Having said that there was some awesome riding thrown down.  I managed to beat Parker Siegele and Chris O’Shea to make the Semi’s but sadly I then didn’t make the cut for the final.

The course blew over so much that the Open Womens division was unrideable.

I was really pumped however to be awarded the Mark Kenny Award from a field of judges including Dean Smith, Mitch Langfield and Paul Boyd.

And it was really cool for Dad and I to have so many family and friends there to cheer me on.
It was my second Wake Wars event and I really hope that Chris manages to get it off the ground again next year!