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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back in Orlando

Have been super focussed on riding after this week at Yancey's, I have been riding really good, got all my tricks back and super consistent, along with a few new mobe 5's and a couple extra 9's, and it's only getting better. I have been getting close to a couple of different mobe 7's, that i'm looking forward to stomping. I had a fun the other day riding with Dean Smith the other day, on Lake Minneola, out the front of the wakeboard camp and had a blast.

Alot of the riding time i have had on the water i can thank Tony Carroll and Nick Galotifiore for. They have taken me out for numerous sets on their boats on Clear Lake and Lake Irma.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Back to Tuscaloosa Alabama

After the Washington PWT Stop, Jillian and I decided to do something different and head back to Alabama to spend 4th of July with friends.   It was Jillian's first July 4 celebration and I wanted it to be special.  We had an amazing time back at Sunshine Pointe. There were heaps of people, alot of boats, jet skis, it was a nice hot day, there was a big Barbeque that everyone was a part of with the best food and best of all, everyone was in the lake having a great time.

To cap it all off we enjoyed fireworks at night, we were all posted up in our boats watching. So all in all, a perfect 4th of July, it's still got nothing on Australia day though!! haha.
4th July - Tuscaloosa Alabama

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pro Tour Stop 4 - Seattle Washington

I flew in to cold ass  Seattle Washington State from sunny hot Orlando ready to ride and wasn't too stoked on the cold, but made me laugh because i knew it was still warmer there then it was back home in Australia.
After a $100 cab to the hotel (ouch), I was settled in for the night and ready to shred in the morning.
It was my second trip to Lake Monroe for a PWT Stop. Unfortunately because of rookie errors regarding equipment managment, I found myself disappointedly knocked out in the first round. But you win some, you lose some, I think I'll take this one on the chin. I will just make sure I won't make that mistake again, and will be ready for the next contest. Dad always says its ok to make a mistake - once!