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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back in Orlando

Have had an awesome week after Callaway Gardens, my riding has been going awesome lately, recently stomped a heel 9 wake to wake on Nick Galotifiore's Nautique 230. Have also had fun sets out with Tony Carrol and Austin on their boats on Clear Lake, also rode on the boat at OWC with Nick Kamper driving me, looking forward to a fun time in Texas this weekend with my Aussie friends.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back in U.S.A

My girlfriend joined me for the endless summer tour to Orlando and I am so stoked to be back in paradise.  My friend Freddie Wayne picked me up from the airport and took us back to his place for the night.  The Wayne family have always looked after me so well, Freddie’s Mum Darlene is like my US Mum!.

Mike, Freddie & I - Acworth Podium

First stop to settle in was Nick Galotifiore’s house.  Nick won the 2010 Jr Pro Tour and he has probably the best weighted Super Air Nautique 230 I have ever ridden (including my own). Staying at Nick’s gave me a chance to get some serious riding time in before the first stop.  I also had a session with Harley the day before I left for Georgia and I rode well.  I got 3 w2w 9's and a couple of other fun things.  Feeling pretty stoked on how my riding is at the moment and how this season will play out.

My Gold Coast mate Corey Turnbull has been helping me car hunt and we tracked down a pretty new Ford Explorer for me to use this year in the US.  Some of the stops are close enough to drive through, and its a chance to see more of this amazing country.

Photo by OLLI Photography
Acworth - Photo by OLLI Photography
Acworth is one of my favourite sites, the set up is awesome, huge beach, you can see all the riding from everywhere, and of course, how could I forget, the party island that all the boats make every year, the party gets bigger and bigger each year.  I  was really nervous about this one, after missing Wake Games due to other commitments it was my first contest in America.  I got 3rd at the event last year and I was pretty nervous about the event.  In the heats I went out and had a solid ride and did my thing, then the semis were a bit better, I  had Italian Massi Piffaretti in my heat and he is a shredder! I had a solid Semi ride and got my first perfect 100 in a US pro Event.  In the finals I had me and all my mates and the riding level was insane! Dirty Mike Dowdy came out on top and I got a close second and Freddie and Kyle rounded out the podium, respectively.  Dowdy looks in great form this year.

Right now I’m at Callaway Gardens in Georgia for the US Masters which is aout the biggest event in the world.  I was so thrilled to get an invite for it. It’s my sponsors event (Nautique) and after winning their Moomba Masters Event 2 years running I had my mind set on doing well.  I was going to finally ride the Super Air Nautique G23 for the frst time. I was out in the boat on Clear Lake with Tony Carroll the other day and I saw Jimmy Lariche out in his G23 with Phillip Soven and Oli Derome, and the Wake looked unreal and I can see why the boat has got so much attention.

The comp didn’t go well for me, I didn’t get the result I was hoping for and Dowdy once again went home with the silverware.

Callaway is beautiful, it has a big golf course with so much stuff to do here.  My good mate Tim Mossop has just arrived from Australia to stay with me for the rest of the tour.  Tim is my personal photographer and is pretty pumped to be following me on the tour this year and coming everywhere and seeing what all the fuss is about wakeboarding and join my on Our Endless Summer

After this weekend at Callaway me, Tim and Jillian will be making our way back to Orlando to start house hunting, but first there is a massive road trip to Fort Worth Texas and Branson Missouri for stops 2 and 3 of the Pro Tour.