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Monday, December 12, 2011

Back home in Australia

Wrapped up a pretty solid Rookie Season on the US Tour and couldn't wait to get home.  I thought about hanging back for the Orlando Surf Expo, but home sounded a better plan.

After a pretty solid 12 months riding, I dediced to take a bit of time out and let my body recover.  I had back, knee and wrist injuries so a break made sense.

Dylan Prideaux - Coming Home
We moved into a new place on the Nerang River just before I left for the US Tour, and it's a perfect house for hanging out with my friends.   The weather lately hasnt really been very good for wakeboarding, so I've decided to pick up my skateboard again, and start heading to the Skatepark with my mates. I used to be a pretty good skater when i was a kid, had a few sponsors and was chasing my dream, until of course, I found Wakeboarding.

My Sister arranged a huge Coming Home party, then the family threw a massive 17th Birthday party for me and soon after it was time for SCHOOLIES!  It's my Year 12 year and hanging out with my buddies was definetly one of the best weeks of my life. So cool to catch up with people I havent seen since primary school.  The new house is just 5 minutes from Broadbeach so it was the perfect place for after parties. 

So I partied hard, rested my body and now I'm really excited for the endless summers ahead, but most importantly, this one in Down Under. I have a sick boat, a huge wake I'm able to ride everyday, I couldnt be happier!

Really happy to be an Athlete associated with Moskova. In fact I am the only wakeboarder on a roster of big names like Tony Hawk, Sunny Garcia and some awesome extreme sport athletes from Snowboarding to Surfing to Freestyle Motocross.

Moskova Athlete - Dylan Prideaux

The Aussie Summer looks pretty solid with a new Comp called 'The Australian Open'.  Dalai Liddy is running it so it should be a well run event.  Looking forward to the ProWake Monster Show,  Moomba Masters and Nationals in the next few months.  I did one Rail Jam earlier and it reminded me why I don't like the format.  The other big one I am looking forward to is the Billabong King of Kicker in Thailand early in the new year.

I will be interested to see how the Aussie events pan out considering I won all three earlier this year, hopefully we should see some big names at these future contests in Australia.

The best part about being home is the jumping straight back into my Nautique 230 to go shredding! All of my tricks are exactly where they were from the US season if not better, and learning more!

It should be a good Summer.