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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Monster Energy Show

I was pretty excited about heading down to Grafton for the Monster Energy Show. I know how much work Daniel Watkins had put into a bringing a major event to Australia and it was a chance for me to win a wildcard into the main event against riders like Watson, Bonifay, Harf, Henshaw, Watkins and all the other legendary boys in the sport!

Billabong's Dylan Prideaux
Me, dad and James decided to head down to Grafton early so we can squeeze in a few sets on a sick river like Clarence River, its always butter down there and is pretty deep so the Nauts put out a pretty sick wake!

My good friend James Windsor who has been spending alot of time with me behind my boat has had some killer sets with me and the kid gets better every time he gets behind a boat, its pretty crazy seeing the stuff he can do for someone who has only been riding boat for 3 months.

I was pretty stoked on winning both my rides for finals which put me in 1st Place as the Junior Mens Champion at the only WWA Event on the Australian Calendar this summer, its crazy to see the potential that the Auzzies have to do well in the US on the boat and cable too!

The results ended up with me on top, with Brad Teunissen in 2nd, Cory Teunissen3rd, my boy James Windsor getting 4th and Tony Iacconni taking 5th place.

Lachlan Burgess and Jeff Weatherall won the Open Mens qualifying event the day before the comp to secure there spots to ride in the Prowake Show and with Danny Harf having to pull out due to recent surgery on his shoulder, the young shredder Cory T got a to ride in it as well.

The win also got me a spot in the Main event which i had the chance to ride in a heat against Lachlan Burgess, Brett 'Ike' Eisenhower and Cory Tuenissen, only the top 2 got threw so the competition was stiff. But me and Cory managed to get threw to the semi's

I was lucky to get threw that round which put me head to head against my Billabong & Liquid Force Team Mate Kevin Henshaw. I was pretty stoked on my ride and was just happy to be apart of the comp. After that ride i moved threw to the finals against Cory Teunissen and Brenton Priestley.
Time was getting away from us and Cory, Brenton and I all had to ride in the dark but the boys managed to do really well and Brenton killed it and ended out on top, and Cory killing it and getting second which left myself in third place! Was really stoked on the whole event that Daniel put on and i look forward to being apart of it next year! Yeeewwwaaaa.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Party Time at Billabong

Andrew Flitton, Dylan Prideaux and Derek O'Neill (L to R)
Fresh off the plane from Moomba in Melbourne and straight into Billabong HQ with my new boat for a catch up.

Billabong had Donovan Frankenreiter come with his band who are touring the country at the moment and play some great tunes which were pretty awesome, i have downloaded like all of his songs now. I was also introduced to all the staff of Billabong and there partner companies by Derek O'Neill the CEO of Billabong.

It was pretty cool to meet and talk with the staff and give them the chance to finally see the boat and it was awesome to share the fun day with my Nautique Team Mate Hayley Smith. The boys at BB fitted Hayley out with some clothes whilst she was there and Donovan asked if he could come for a ride on the boat.

Big day out and i can thank my sister bec for all the photos. She must have taken and thousand of them

Donovan in action
Fun times..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moomba Masters 2011

My Mum and Dad grew up and raised me in Melbourne and used to go and sometimes take me to Moomba every year. It was pretty cool to have my relatives there watching me wakeboard for the first time and now understand what the sport is. Since I started wakeboarding Dad always said if I ever get the chance to ride at Moomba then I should do it because it is a really sick event to be apart of, now i understand why.

Because it was a Nautique event i saw it as a chance for me to spend some time and chill time with the International crew from Nautique in Orlando who had come over for the event.
Nautique Team Riders Media Booth

The boat towing the event was a Super Air Nautique 230 which is the same boat i have so I was on my own wake and was loving it.

I got to spend some time with the International Team signing autographs and taking photos and I made sure i made the most of my time on the water. I ended up winning my first heat, rode pretty bad in the semi's and and somehow just scraped threw to the finals.

As Charlie Sheen says "Winning"
In the finals i managed to put it together and had a great ride and was pretty stoked to come out on top. It was my first open age pro event win and i got a check for just under $5,000 which i was really happy with, hopefully that will cover some costs in the US this summer.
I loved Moomba and was stoked to be apart of the whole thing and I can't wait for it next year!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My new Billabong Super Air Nautique 230

I have been patiently waiting for my new boat to arrive.  I have spent a massive part of the Australian Summer off the water, and it has been the hardest period of my life.

Billabong Super Air Nautique
I came back from the US with a whole bunch of new tricks and I have been scared that I lost them, or perhaps pushed back my chances of making an impression on the US Pro Tour by a further 12 months.
However, it was worth the wait.  The new boat is stunning, the wake is massive and smooth and I couldn’t be happier.

Billabong and Nautique Team Rider Dylan Prideaux
We managed to squeeze in a photo session with the boat for Billabong’s Wetsuit Calendar.  It was weird modelling gear instead of just riding in it, but it was a fun day on the water.  Huge shout out to Hayley Smith for providing her Ronix Boat for the shoot as well.

I hope to squeeze a few sessions in before flying to Melbourne later this week for Moomba.

I’m also really excited that Billabong are hosting a party for me after Moomba with Donavon Frankenreiter playing live.

Billabong are the most amazing company and are so supportive of me, I’m really looking forward to a long and happy relationship with them.