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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wakeboard World Series in Mackay

Mackay I flew into Mackay for the 5th stop of the Wake Park World Series, which was the first time Australia has ever had a World Series Cable event. With big names like Tom Fooshee, Daniel Grant, San Im, Aaron Gunn and Matty Hasler, who is current world champion, the pressure was on. With everyone only getting one day to ride the brand new GoWake Cable Park, it was quite a fair playing field. 

With all the world’s best cable riders competing, it was great to watch the standard of competitive cable and to see what level all of these boys are at really helped me put things in perspective. I had solid rides in both Pro Men’s cable and Rail Jam divisions, having just been pipped by Matty Hasler and Aaron Gunn to make the finals, I wasn't disappointed, just became more focussed. 

There was live music and multiple stages where the entertainment never stopped, unfortunately mother nature didn't come to the party and the big event on Saturday night was rained out. All in all, was one of the best contests and best setups I have ever participated in, let alone in Australia. Kirk and Des from GoWake have really raised the bar on this one, and I'm more than excited to see what's in store for this contest next year.