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Monday, December 12, 2011

Back home in Australia

Wrapped up a pretty solid Rookie Season on the US Tour and couldn't wait to get home.  I thought about hanging back for the Orlando Surf Expo, but home sounded a better plan.

After a pretty solid 12 months riding, I dediced to take a bit of time out and let my body recover.  I had back, knee and wrist injuries so a break made sense.

Dylan Prideaux - Coming Home
We moved into a new place on the Nerang River just before I left for the US Tour, and it's a perfect house for hanging out with my friends.   The weather lately hasnt really been very good for wakeboarding, so I've decided to pick up my skateboard again, and start heading to the Skatepark with my mates. I used to be a pretty good skater when i was a kid, had a few sponsors and was chasing my dream, until of course, I found Wakeboarding.

My Sister arranged a huge Coming Home party, then the family threw a massive 17th Birthday party for me and soon after it was time for SCHOOLIES!  It's my Year 12 year and hanging out with my buddies was definetly one of the best weeks of my life. So cool to catch up with people I havent seen since primary school.  The new house is just 5 minutes from Broadbeach so it was the perfect place for after parties. 

So I partied hard, rested my body and now I'm really excited for the endless summers ahead, but most importantly, this one in Down Under. I have a sick boat, a huge wake I'm able to ride everyday, I couldnt be happier!

Really happy to be an Athlete associated with Moskova. In fact I am the only wakeboarder on a roster of big names like Tony Hawk, Sunny Garcia and some awesome extreme sport athletes from Snowboarding to Surfing to Freestyle Motocross.

Moskova Athlete - Dylan Prideaux

The Aussie Summer looks pretty solid with a new Comp called 'The Australian Open'.  Dalai Liddy is running it so it should be a well run event.  Looking forward to the ProWake Monster Show,  Moomba Masters and Nationals in the next few months.  I did one Rail Jam earlier and it reminded me why I don't like the format.  The other big one I am looking forward to is the Billabong King of Kicker in Thailand early in the new year.

I will be interested to see how the Aussie events pan out considering I won all three earlier this year, hopefully we should see some big names at these future contests in Australia.

The best part about being home is the jumping straight back into my Nautique 230 to go shredding! All of my tricks are exactly where they were from the US season if not better, and learning more!

It should be a good Summer.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Super stoked to be launching New Website

I'm really thrilled to be launching my new Website today along with my new relationship with the team at Whosay. The whosay team chose me to be part of  their group that includes some of the biggest names in entertainment and sport.  Remember, it's not hearsay if you read it on www.whosay.com

Make sure you checkout the new site www.dpwake.com

I would really love your feedback and thoughts on how I can improve it!

Until next time, Chill,


Monday, August 29, 2011

Final stop of the US Pro Tour

It was good to go back to Tennessee. It was the first US comp I did last year when I came over to check out the local scene. I went into the last stop ranked number 4 on the Pro Tour, and I really needed to do something special to take out this 3rd overall spot.

The conditions in Knoxville were gnarly, the banks of the river are seawalls so there were rollers everywhere, and it was so hard to judge what tricks to do and where to do them due to the rollers. I won my heat and was off to a strong start leading into the semi finals.

Unfortunately my good friend Josh Twelker who was just ahead of me ranked 3rd overall and was the only thing between me and the podium finish, was knocked out in the heats. All that I now needed to do earn enough points to push me into 3rd place. I went up to Josh and his Dad and shook both of their hands and discussed how fun the year has been and they both wished me luck on making the finals.

We had a really stacked heat with a lot of the best riders in my heat, out of the top ranked riders in the contest, 5 of them made up our 5 man heat. I had a really solid ride but so did all the other boys so I wasn’t lucky enough to move onto the finals but was still lucky enough to take out the fifth spot and claim my place on the podium overall in my first season on the US Pro Tour.
I seriously couldn’t be happier right about now. I got 3rd at Wake Games, 3rd at the Worlds and 3rd on the Pro Tour. At age 16 I could confidently claim to be the 3rd best Junior Pro Rider in the world. And the guys who finished 1 and 2 move up next year so if I ride the same Division, I will be starting as the top seeded rider on the tour.

Today I fly back to Orlando to pack my bags, and tomorrow I fly back to Australia. I love America, but there’s no place like home.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WWA World Titles in Indianapolis

The contest in Indianapolis was insane, the riding level was crazy and the fans were going nuts. I was stoked to win my heat to land my first back 7 in a contest which would put myself in a good spot, last off the dock in the semi finals. In the semi finals I had the best contest ride I have ever had in my life. I landed a whirly 5, back 7, toe side backside 5, toe 9 and heaps more which helped me take out the semis and put me in the finals with a lot of confidence and ready to back up the amazing ride I just had.

I was also riding a Liquid Force Harley Clifford Pro Model wakeboard.  My sponsor O'Brien couldn't provide me with the board I had been riding so far on the US Tour.  I loved the Harley Board.  It's awesome.

In action in Indiana I was on the dock, in the finals of the last contest of the season, I ran through my head my entire summer, all the crazy things I got to do, see and the places I got to go, I have had the best time I ever thought someone could have this year and its all thanks to the support of my friends, family and my sponsors. The only problem though was I could get home out of my head, I was heading home in a little over a week and was getting more and more excited every single day.

I put my board on leading into the finals, and I said to myself, I only have a few contest runs to go until I get to go home to my friends, family and my Nautique 230 which I think I have missed the most. I went out in the finals and started off really well landing a back 7, whirly 5, a Pete Rose and sliding the rails really well. I slipped up at the end though falling on my toe side 900.

Doesn’t matter though, I felt like I had done enough to land me in a good spot, which it did. I was stoked to say that I took out 3rd in the WWA World Titles in Indianapolis, Indiana. 3rd in the world in my roookie year at age 16 was a pretty good result.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Viva Italia - the IWSF World Titles in Milano

Italy was one of the best weeks of my life and spending it with my Dad made it so much more worth it. I got to hang with the other Australian team members, mates I haven’t seen in so long, and being able to see how there riding is coming along is phenomenal. I won everything leading into the final.

I was second last off the dock in the final and couldn’t believe how much everyone before me just killed it! It was awesome; I was next and was feeling really nervous being in front of so many people from all over the world. I didn’t have the best ride but it doesn’t matter to me I’m in the finals representing Australia in Italy!

I managed to take out a solid 4th place in the 6 man final. I am so stoked with how the contest worked out. I learned many lessons in Italy which will make me a stronger, smarter and better rider. Dad always tells me that people make mistakes, but the biggest mistake is not learning from them.
Now that I’m settled back into Orlando Florida which I now call my new home, I am super focused to finish my season on a high note. I have decided to not compete in the US Nationals in Minneapolis. I came here for the Pro Tour and the Worlds and I need to work to get my best results again. I can’t wait for the WWA World Titles and the last stop of the Pro Tour in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a long way from Seattle to Milan

I’m sitting on a plane on my way to Milan and I can’t get the butterflies out of my stomach. I am that excited to get there and see my Dad for the first time in 3 months! He is on his way all the way from Australia and I have been counting down the days until I get to see him.

The Pro Tour Stop in Monroe was a really fun event but was even colder then Colorado and that was the almost the coldest weather I have ever been in and I’m originally from Melbourne. Whilst in town I got a tour of the O’Brien factory in Redmond. That was pretty cool I guess.
Once again I didn’t quite make the finals in this contest but I’m still along for the ride, it must be that cold water that doen’t bring out my best! I’m about to touch down in Italy for the first time and I’m so stoked to see what the competition is like out here. Around 36 countries are sending their National Champions to compete in this event and to try and take the top spot. I’m feeling pretty good, but having missed the last 2 finals on the Pro Tour I’m nervous about how the contest will pan out.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Life on Clear Lake

I am nice and settled into my house in Clear Lake and getting a truck load of riding done with Dean Smith, Shawn Watson, Erik Ruck, Rusty Malinoski, Brenton Priestly, Chad Sharpe and many more people. I have been basing most of my riding with a good friend of mine, Jamie Hamrick, who is based out in Maitland which is only a 5 minute drive from my house.

Jamie doesn’t do the tour but has an insane Nautique 230 which is my choice of boat and provides my favorite wake. I am having the best time I never thought I couldn’t be having this much fun in America but I am having the time of my life and riding better than I have and better than I ever thought I could. I have been selected to represent Australia at the IWSF worlds in Milan, Italy next month. This will be a few days after the fourth stop on the tour in Monroe, Washington. Looks like I have some training to do!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Colorado Pro Tour and a road trip with the Wolf Pack

I have just arriving in Tennessee after a long 36 hour drive crammed in a little car with Terry Bailey, Nick Bailey, AJ Racinelli and Cody Hesse after an awesome weekend in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We drove across the Mid West through Kansas, Montana, Chicago and Kentucky and it was great just to see the scenery and how different the towns are to back home in Australia.

The Pro Tour Stop was a really tough contest and the riding level was really intense. I was relieved to make it through to the quarter finals in a heat that was looking like it should of been a final. The semi final was looking the same, with everyone stepping up their game entirely. It was like we were riding in a different competition. It’s awesome to be competiting when everyone is riding so well, it makes you push yourself so much harder.

Unfortunately I couldn't stand up a good enough pass to put myself in the finals again but I definitely wasn’t stressed about that because it was an amazing final to watch, and they guys who made it through deserved it.

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's all big in Texas - Pro Tour Stop 2

Last weekend I headed up to Dallas Fort Worth, Texas I was a little nervous coming into this stop, because I had already podiumed every contest so far. I wanted to back it up and get in the finals and have a good ride to back up my streak. I had a good ride in my heat and took out the win; I won my semi final to so I needed to back it up with a solid ride in the finals. I didn’t have the best ride and just missed out on another podium finish.

However I’m definitely not that concerned when I made 3 finals in a row in my first US season, I was just going with the flow. This coming weekend I head out to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am so stoked to be traveling America; I am finally starting to learn where all the states are and understand what they really like.
In Fort Worth I was invited to stay in an amazing house on a huge lake and just had the best time. Texas was pretty cool.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Pro Tour Stop - Acworth Georgia

I just finished up the first stop of the Master Craft US Pro Tour in Acworth, Georgia. I was pumped coming into this stop after my finish at Wake Games a few weeks ago, and I was hoping to back it up with an even better result and back up my podium finish. I won my heat and I won my semi final. I did an awesome job on the rails but rails which is my passion on a wakeboard. Whenever I don’t have my boat I head straight up to the cable park to hit some rails with my buddies.

Coming into the final I had a really tough final going against Jacob Valdez and Shota Tezuka, a new comer Japanese fellow on the tour who had his sights set high. I had one of the best rides I could imagine and had many Pro Riders coming up to me congratulating me telling me I had it in the bag.
Shota himself came up to me and congratulated me on the win, but as so often happens in wakeboarding the judges saw what we didn’t see and I had to settle for another 3rd place. I was still over the moon to land myself on the podium again in the first stop of the Pro Tour and was thinking that this is going to be a very good summer.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moving to Clear Lake

I really liked staying with Aaron and his Mum, but Clermont is too far from Orlando and OWC for someone who doesn’t have a car, and I had a chance to rent a house on Clear Lake with my good friends Justin Tiech, who is a cable rider, Terry Bailey, who is one of the boys who rides on the tour, and AJ Racinelli who is a former Junior Pro Tour Champion and a really good rail rider.

The location was perfect for me to be living in because we could get heaps of riding done. Another bonus was that I was in central Orlando and just down the road from the other Australian’s Mitch Langfield, Brenton Priestly and Daniel Debono who all live together, and then in the other direction in the next street there’s one of my good friends and one of my idols Dean Smith.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Coming to America

Going to America for the 2nd time was exciting because I was going to spend the entire summer there, I had a lot more confidence coming into this season because I had a lot more experience under my belt and had one a lot more contests, and winning the Australian Nationals in the Open Men’s Division just days before I started my season in America gave me a huge confidence boost heading into the first event, in Orlando, Florida, at Wake Games.

First stop in Orlando was at Aaron Brown’s place. Aaron is really good wakeboarder and he lives with his Mum on a lake at Clermont. I met Aaron the previous year when he was riding the Junior Mens Pro Tour. His family invited me to come stay with them which was a great way to start my trip. I went into Wake Games in one of the hardest heats of the day heading up against Kyle Evans, Jacob Valdez, and Freddie Wayne.

I stood up the best pass I had ever done and won the heat and was through to the semi final. I had a solid ride in the semi finals and was into the finals against the the top riders in the contest such as Noah Flegel, Freddie Wayne and Daniel Powers. I didn’t have the best ride in the finals but was still stoked on my result getting 3rd and bagging my first US podium at the first event of the season so I was stoked to start on a good foot

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Aussie Champion - Stoked

It was a crazy week leading into Nationals.  As usual Mum and Dad rolled put the red carpet and turned our house into a hostel.  I was so pleased to have so many of my mates from all over Australia cruise through and chill with us.  Mum & Dad are pretty cool like that and always make my mates feel welcome.

Photo Shoot - Sunday Mail
The week was full of media opportunities photoshoots, video shoots, radio interviews and more.  I just wanted to ride, but Dad was busy organising the comp so we had to schedule everything.
I filmed some great sequences with Adam Dodd for Wake Trick Guru which I had to script and then do the voice overs for which was cool.

It was a very social week with the Nautique of season party on Saturday welcoming all riders and families to the coast. I chopped off all my hair at Nautique before the party and turned a lot of heads that night wondering who I was? We took the boat in to put on display along with the Team Ronix Boat and another 210 Team Edition and they looked awesome.

I stayed away from most of the social nights as wakeboarders tend to party pretty hard and I really had my eyes on the prize.   Most nights usually ended with cars and taxis back to ours anyway, but I kept a pretty low profile which was smart.

Open Mens Podium
Going in to the final ride I felt I had enough tricks to cover everyone but was really worries about Sam Thomson.  Sam is a great rider and can throw down some hammers so I expected it would be close.
At the end of the day, my pass was enough to get me through and my gamble of bypassing Junior Mens and going straight from Under 14’s to Open Mens paid off.   I was the new Australian Champion and that was a pretty cool way to end the season.   After coming 2nd in the Cable Park Series I set a goal to win the last 3 big events, Moomba, Monster and Nationals.  Inning all 3 just made it so much better.

Dad gave the boat to Steve from Nautique to have an Easter with the family and told me to enjoy being a 16 year old for a few days now the pressure was over.   I fly out Sunday Morning to start another summer on the US Pro Tour finally realising my dream of chasing the endless summer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Aussie Season is almost over

Coming back from Grafton feeling pretty pumped about my riding and my switch to O’Brien from Liquid Force, I knew I had a couple of huge weeks ahead of me.

Danny Harf, Shane Bonifay, Shawn Watson, Kevin Henshaw and Daniel Watkins had asked if they could take my Billabong Edition Nautique 230 out to film some sequences for Danny’s new movie Defy.  All up they did 3 solid days in the boat and I was stoked to have a chance to ride and get some video down for them too.

Dylan Prideaux - Qld State Titles
The Qld State Titles were on, and I had to ride alone.  No point claiming a victory as I was the only rider in Open Mens but had to ride that category to for Nationals and needed to qualify.

Once that was wrapped up, it was back to training for Nationals and helping out a couple of cable riders make the transition to boat.  Jaimi Oxlade from Singapore and James Windsor from the Sunny Coast.  Both shredded behind the boat and got themselves ready for a huge comp ahead.

I snuck back down to Grafton for a Free Ride Friday and had an awesome time.  The Clarence River must be one of the best rivers in Australia, compared to the Gold Coast I don’t know whether they realise how lucky they are to have so much good water.

Wrapped up our final Free Ride on the Nerang River in perfect conditions.  Broke my perfect record though with one rider who just couldn’t progress.  Prior to that I had coached all 25 riders to a new trick.  From backrolls, to scarecrows and just good clean wake jumps, every Free Ride Friday winner went home feeling pretty pumped.

Free Ride Friday time - In the drivers seat
My good buddy Damo Cox filmed a few sets and made a little video for me to upload before I head to the States.  Feeling pretty good about my riding seeing i spent almost 4 months off the water over Summer.

I was really stoked when Adam Dodd called to say he wanted me to film some sequences for Wake Trick Guru and I got contacted by a very cool company associated with Surfing in Europe that wants to sponsor me.   It’s going to be a hectic week ahead.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Monster Energy Show

I was pretty excited about heading down to Grafton for the Monster Energy Show. I know how much work Daniel Watkins had put into a bringing a major event to Australia and it was a chance for me to win a wildcard into the main event against riders like Watson, Bonifay, Harf, Henshaw, Watkins and all the other legendary boys in the sport!

Billabong's Dylan Prideaux
Me, dad and James decided to head down to Grafton early so we can squeeze in a few sets on a sick river like Clarence River, its always butter down there and is pretty deep so the Nauts put out a pretty sick wake!

My good friend James Windsor who has been spending alot of time with me behind my boat has had some killer sets with me and the kid gets better every time he gets behind a boat, its pretty crazy seeing the stuff he can do for someone who has only been riding boat for 3 months.

I was pretty stoked on winning both my rides for finals which put me in 1st Place as the Junior Mens Champion at the only WWA Event on the Australian Calendar this summer, its crazy to see the potential that the Auzzies have to do well in the US on the boat and cable too!

The results ended up with me on top, with Brad Teunissen in 2nd, Cory Teunissen3rd, my boy James Windsor getting 4th and Tony Iacconni taking 5th place.

Lachlan Burgess and Jeff Weatherall won the Open Mens qualifying event the day before the comp to secure there spots to ride in the Prowake Show and with Danny Harf having to pull out due to recent surgery on his shoulder, the young shredder Cory T got a to ride in it as well.

The win also got me a spot in the Main event which i had the chance to ride in a heat against Lachlan Burgess, Brett 'Ike' Eisenhower and Cory Tuenissen, only the top 2 got threw so the competition was stiff. But me and Cory managed to get threw to the semi's

I was lucky to get threw that round which put me head to head against my Billabong & Liquid Force Team Mate Kevin Henshaw. I was pretty stoked on my ride and was just happy to be apart of the comp. After that ride i moved threw to the finals against Cory Teunissen and Brenton Priestley.
Time was getting away from us and Cory, Brenton and I all had to ride in the dark but the boys managed to do really well and Brenton killed it and ended out on top, and Cory killing it and getting second which left myself in third place! Was really stoked on the whole event that Daniel put on and i look forward to being apart of it next year! Yeeewwwaaaa.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Party Time at Billabong

Andrew Flitton, Dylan Prideaux and Derek O'Neill (L to R)
Fresh off the plane from Moomba in Melbourne and straight into Billabong HQ with my new boat for a catch up.

Billabong had Donovan Frankenreiter come with his band who are touring the country at the moment and play some great tunes which were pretty awesome, i have downloaded like all of his songs now. I was also introduced to all the staff of Billabong and there partner companies by Derek O'Neill the CEO of Billabong.

It was pretty cool to meet and talk with the staff and give them the chance to finally see the boat and it was awesome to share the fun day with my Nautique Team Mate Hayley Smith. The boys at BB fitted Hayley out with some clothes whilst she was there and Donovan asked if he could come for a ride on the boat.

Big day out and i can thank my sister bec for all the photos. She must have taken and thousand of them

Donovan in action
Fun times..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Moomba Masters 2011

My Mum and Dad grew up and raised me in Melbourne and used to go and sometimes take me to Moomba every year. It was pretty cool to have my relatives there watching me wakeboard for the first time and now understand what the sport is. Since I started wakeboarding Dad always said if I ever get the chance to ride at Moomba then I should do it because it is a really sick event to be apart of, now i understand why.

Because it was a Nautique event i saw it as a chance for me to spend some time and chill time with the International crew from Nautique in Orlando who had come over for the event.
Nautique Team Riders Media Booth

The boat towing the event was a Super Air Nautique 230 which is the same boat i have so I was on my own wake and was loving it.

I got to spend some time with the International Team signing autographs and taking photos and I made sure i made the most of my time on the water. I ended up winning my first heat, rode pretty bad in the semi's and and somehow just scraped threw to the finals.

As Charlie Sheen says "Winning"
In the finals i managed to put it together and had a great ride and was pretty stoked to come out on top. It was my first open age pro event win and i got a check for just under $5,000 which i was really happy with, hopefully that will cover some costs in the US this summer.
I loved Moomba and was stoked to be apart of the whole thing and I can't wait for it next year!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My new Billabong Super Air Nautique 230

I have been patiently waiting for my new boat to arrive.  I have spent a massive part of the Australian Summer off the water, and it has been the hardest period of my life.

Billabong Super Air Nautique
I came back from the US with a whole bunch of new tricks and I have been scared that I lost them, or perhaps pushed back my chances of making an impression on the US Pro Tour by a further 12 months.
However, it was worth the wait.  The new boat is stunning, the wake is massive and smooth and I couldn’t be happier.

Billabong and Nautique Team Rider Dylan Prideaux
We managed to squeeze in a photo session with the boat for Billabong’s Wetsuit Calendar.  It was weird modelling gear instead of just riding in it, but it was a fun day on the water.  Huge shout out to Hayley Smith for providing her Ronix Boat for the shoot as well.

I hope to squeeze a few sessions in before flying to Melbourne later this week for Moomba.

I’m also really excited that Billabong are hosting a party for me after Moomba with Donavon Frankenreiter playing live.

Billabong are the most amazing company and are so supportive of me, I’m really looking forward to a long and happy relationship with them.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Final Stop of the Australian Rail Series

Well the Liquid Force Australian Rail Series wound up on the Sunshine Coast last weekend at Suncoast Cable Bli Bli.

Due to the amount of time I have had off the water whilst I changed boat sponsors, I spent a ot of time riding cable and it is has helped me a lot in taking cable tricks to behind the boat.

At Junior Mens level the series  has really been between James Windsor & I.  Going into the last round we were on equal points and still on equal points after a countback dropping our worst round.

This made for a really exciting final showdown on James home turf.

It was a tough final and James finished ahead of me taking out the title as well as taking out the title of Junior Mens Wakeskate Champion.   James has a huge talent and has started making some big impressions behind the boat too.

It was also the first official public appearance of our new boat!  Feedback was awesome too!

2nd place in the biggest series of events in Australia is a pretty cool achievement and it gives me a benchmark to improve on next year!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Massive Weekend in Penrith

It proved to be a massive weekend in Penrith.  The Liquid Force Boardstock Event which included The Team Riders Cup, The Rail Jam, King of Kicker, Flat Water Freaks, Two Tower Challenge and the Riders Choice Awards.

I was really pleased to be chosen alongside Harley Clifford for the 2 man Liquid Force Team competing riders from Byerly, Hyperlite, O’Brien, Ronix, Double Up, Indy and more

Team Riders Champions - Langfield and Priestley defeated Clifford and Prideaux
Harley and I had solid rides making the 4 team semis with O’Brien, Ronix and Byerly.  Then it was down to two.  Myself and Harley vs Brenton Priestley and Mitch Langfield.  Talk about tough competition especially on rails.  Brenton and Mitch are two of the best in the world at sliding.

We finished the final with scores all locked up even after a countback so it was decided that the Team Trophy would go down to a one rider ride off.  Langfield vs Clifford.  It finished close as well with Byerly coming out on top. 

I guess I shouldn’t complain about being 2nd in the Team Riders Cup.   Lets hope we can win it back next year!

The Rail Jam was really good and the Riders Choice Awards were all well deserved.   James Windsor won the best 'Up and Comer' and Tony Iacconni won 'Grom of the Year'.  After 2 world titles in 2 years, he deserved every bit of the credit he got.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Billabong Free Ride Fridays

Billabong Free Ride Fridays with Dylan Prideaux

I am really pleased to be able to share with everyone a fantastic series of events that we have been working on for a while.  Billabong Free Ride Fridays, powered by Nautique.

This is a really cool program designed to take the best elements of Wakeboarding (the best boards, the best boat, the latest gear, quality photos, ice cold refreshments and loads of prizes).    Oh yeh, and it’s free!

Every week, I’ll take 5 lucky wakeboarders out in the new Billabong/Nautique 230 Team Edition Boat for a Friday morning before School or Work shred.  Liquid Force have filled the boat with different 2011 Wakeboard setups, Wakeskates and Wake Surfers.   Monster Energy have loaded the boat with ice cold cans and our friends at Sony have provided high quality camera gear that will be uploaded to our social networking site so you can brag to your mates about your action, style and your time on the water.  Oh, and each event will be filmed by Billabong to run on the Billabong IPTV Channel around the world!

Nautique Billabong 230 Coastal Edition 
They will be riding behind the Billabong Nautique 230 Edition which is a one off concept boat specifically built for me by Nautique in collaboration with Billabong.  The Nautique 230 Team Edition is the  boat chosen by an elite list of the worlds’ best wakeboarders including Shaun Murray, Shawn Watson, Danny Harf, Bob Soven, J.D. Webb, Jimmy LaRiche and Junior Pro Tour & World Champion Nick Galotifiore.  It’s the official Tow Boat of the US Masters, US Nationals, Wake Games and the Moomba Masters.  The Billabong Nautique Edition has a whopping 1,850kg (4,000lbs) of stock ballast and a huge 6.0 Litre 409 horsepower engine guaranteed to throw out a huge wake and get on a plain super fast.

Every rider gets a tour shirt and a show bag of goodies from Billabong, Nautique, Liquid Force, Monster Energy, Von Zipper and Sony.  And they go into a draw for a series of major prizes including a complete Wakeboard, Boots, Jacket, Rope and Handle from Liquid Force, Sony Video Camera, Von Zipper Sunglasses and more.

The tour runs through Northern NSW to the Sunshine Coast until end of April on Rivers like the Clarence, Tweed, Nerang, Coomera, Brisbane, Nudgee and Maroochy.  And will be joined by leading pro riders and sometimes by Billabong Pro Surfers trying their luck Wake Surfing behind the monster 230 wake.

We planned Free Ride Fridays to give back to the Wakeboard Community and give social wakeboarders the chance to sample the best, oh yes and to ride for free!

To learn more and to have a look at the locations, visit www.freeridefridays.com and to check out the best Wakeboard boats in Australia, get in and see Steve and the team at Nautique Central on the Gold Coast!


Monday, January 10, 2011

My first comp ride in Melbourne

Since I started competitive wakeboarding I have looked forward to have a chance to ride in Melbourne, after all I spent my first 10 years growing up there and that’s where we have a lot of family and friends including my brother Ben.

With the loss of Wake Wars to South Australia, it opened the door for an event in Melbourne at Docklands. 
Unfortunately whilst it was hot it was also windy and it was tough conditions for all the riders.  The slider and fun box just couldn’t be anchored so they were taken off course making it a wake trick only event.

The course was tight so the Mastercraft X-Star provided had to be run on virtually no ballast to allow enough time to get the boat on a plane to suit the short course.

Having said that there was some awesome riding thrown down.  I managed to beat Parker Siegele and Chris O’Shea to make the Semi’s but sadly I then didn’t make the cut for the final.

The course blew over so much that the Open Womens division was unrideable.

I was really pumped however to be awarded the Mark Kenny Award from a field of judges including Dean Smith, Mitch Langfield and Paul Boyd.

And it was really cool for Dad and I to have so many family and friends there to cheer me on.
It was my second Wake Wars event and I really hope that Chris manages to get it off the ground again next year!