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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Training for Aussie Nats and Moomba Masters

On Friday night I headed to my childhood best friend Jordan Urens cabin in Echuca which is right next door to my old parents cabin the had since before I was born.  I rode with Charli Shore and her family on the Nautique 230 all of Saturday and Sunday morning, then I rode with Lachy Sims out on his Malibu Wakesetter on the Sunday afternoon.  I coached Lachy and his sisters and I personally rode better and better after every set I took, and i was loving it!

I'm back to my old self and feel onto of the world again! All my old tricks are coming back and I'm already working on a few things leading into Nationals. I love that I'm able to ride again, I can't believe how much I missed it and I'm finally strong enough to ride hard. Bring on next weekend, it's back to Echuca again aand then sneaking home for my sisters wedding!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Victorian State Titles

This weekend was my first time back on the water in 7 weeks due to a recurring knee injury that troubled me towards the end of my US tour. I was really nervous about my ride, because I hadn't ridden in so long and I honestly didn't know how my knee would hold up after all my physio work.

The View from Dad's Office - The pickup boat!

On the Saturday which was Round 4, I turned up to see all the usual Wakeboard Victoria crew along with Troy Roker and Parker Siegele.  I really surprised myself and had a good solid ride, I stood up 2 passes and killed it, so I was super pumped about Sunday for State Titles! My knee was feeling strong and I was feeling even better about my ride!  We were back behind an Axis A22 and the wake wasn't too bad.

Sunday came around, I got to the site super early and was hanging out with my childhood best mate Jordan Uren for most of the morning before my ride, the conditions were horrible, and it was really really cold.  However I still stood up a perfect pass and even ollied back up onto the dock with dry hair and dry boardies! which is exactly what I wanted to do.   I managed to beat Parker with us both having standup passes so it worked out perfect for me.

Riding the CTRL Supreme on the Melton Weir
As the day went on, hanging out with all the cool Wakeboard VIC crew the conditions only got worse as the day went on, and by the end of it, we were riding in white caps!   However I  went out and had a super solid ride but fell at the end of both passes.  Parker just had a better ride and pipped me off the top spot in a close decision, but that's fine by me.  I proved everything I needed to for myself this weekend and I have a lot of confidence leading into Nationals and Moomba now.

I'm really happy that Parker and Joff came down for our event as it really caused me to focus on the main game.