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Monday, July 29, 2013

US National Championships - Ohio

The King of Wake Tour took us to Ohio for the US Nationals. It wasn't my best stop this year.  Unfortunately, I fell on some big tricks.  I was in a very tough heat and basically had to throw down my best pass to get through.  So I just went for it!  I'm still happy with my run and landed a few solid tricks.  Time off the water has consequences but I have to focus on my physio and rehab for my knee.  Whilst every stop is important, The World Championships is the big event on the tour so I am doing everything I can to help my knee get stronger.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Washington State

Stoked to be back in Washington State.  It's a long flight from Florida and I had a big stopover in Phoenix Arizona.   I had a great time here last year and am stoked that I was able to get to the CTRL factory and catch up with everyone. My knee is still sore so I am not getting the water time I really need.  However it is important to rest it up and then ride.  I had a solid two rides though and stuck all my tricks but just got pipped by Austin Hair who ended up taking second overall in the stop.

Phil Soven is proving why he is the World Number 1.  He just keeps winning every stop.

Monday, July 1, 2013

California Here I Come

I went from Florida down to Costa Rica for a short break.  My knee had been swelling a lot due to meniscus damage and I just needed to get away and chill.   San Jose was great, very relaxing.  Spent days around the pool and riding an exercise bike for low impact knee conditioning.

Then it was straight to San Francisco.  It was the first time in 3 years that the Pro Tour has come to California.  I was super stoked to be out here and out of the humidity and into something that was more like Aussie heat. 

I had a sick ride and stomped all my tricks but Randall 'Vandal' Harris an old school legend in the sport who lives in California came down to Tracy to shred and killed it.

After the contest I got to shred The Delta for the first time.  This is Josh Twelker's home ground, and I had an amazing time on a Nautique 230 till after sunset, was one of the best stops, cant wait to return next year.