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Monday, December 6, 2010

Riding through the threshold of pain

Team Billabong Athlete Dylan Prideaux

Back on the Liquid Force Rail Jam tour with event 3 at Logan.  I smashed my hand up pretty bad and had missing skin and blood every time I rode.  I shouldn’t have rode the event, but the points tally for the season is important so I figured it was too important to not ride.

I managed to win my heat, but a couple of falls in the final dropped me to 3rd place.  This dropped me to 2nd place in the Overall Comp behind James Windsor and just in front of Ethan Clifford.  With 3 rounds to go it’s wide open and last years winner Jamie Neville is just behind us in 4th place.

Liquid Force Hammer Time
I also had fun in the Liquid Force Hammer Time Invitational.  It was the Top 13 riders all going head to head with water tricks and big kicker tricks in a winner takes all format.  I finished 4th and was really stoked because I finished in front of some pro riders who I really respect and it was nice to be in the same company as them

The day after the rail comp I had to go and shoot some video for the Liquid Force Movie with Mick Neville and Chris Flaxman.  Cory Teunissen was also there filming for O’Brien.  We had bad weather, lots of rain but as usual the wake on Mick’s boat was really good.  Considering my injuries I rode pretty well throwing down a couple of 720 variations and a couple of different mobe 5’s.

I am staying off the water for a few days now to heal before flying to Sydney this weekend for 9 days of boat, cable, another Rail Jam, and the Grom Stock Boat Comp.  Should be a fun week.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend on the Tweed

I was invited down to hang out and do an exhibition ride at the Nautique Owners Reunion on the Tweed River.  My good mate Corey Turnbull and his family just purchased a Super Air Nautique 210 and I had a lot of rides behind it that weekend.  

The cable boys who usually ride in my boat where there to hang with Corey, so Damo Cox, Nick Horatis and I took the opportunity to have some quality sets with Corey and his family.

It was nice to hang out with my mates, and the hospitality provided by Steve Gescke was awesome.  The big bonus was getting to hang with Hayley Smith.  Hayley has a new 210 Nautique with Ronix Branding and has some really cool programs and events lined up.  Hayley looked after me at the Wakeboard Camp at Clermont and it’s always good to hang with her.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back in the Winners Circle

Billabong Rider Dylan Prideaux

Off to Cairns for Round 2 of the Liquid Force Australian Rail Series. I love the Cairns Cable Park.  The whole Cairns crew are laid back and down to earth and its a nice venue and a great cable.  I went up a couple of days early to get some practice in and it paid off.  I won my heat and won the event with a fantastic ride. 

I also had a ride in the Big Kicker Invitational and had a lot of fun seeing who could throw down the biggest trick.  Not a great event for the knees – but awesome to watch and be a part of.

One of my good mates had to pick up a car in Townsville and drive it back to the Gold Coast so he flew to Cairns to meet me and we had a fun road trip on the way home

Then it was off to Lake Kurwongbah for the Qld Wakeboard Summer Series Round 2.  This event was a Malibu Event and as usual we were using Mick Neville’s boat.

I had a pretty solid heat and threw down a great finals pass for the win.  2 wins in 2 events and I was starting to feel a little better about my riding.  No time to rest though, more events are just around the corner.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Australian Season has started

Just wrapped up the first round of the Liquid Force Australian Rail Series at Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast.  I love riding at Bli Bli and it was a huge crowd of over 100 riders in attendance.

I thought I was riding well and I won my heat qualifying me first place into the 10 man final, but a couple of uncharacteristic falls meant I missed the podium and finished in 5th spot. 

Round 1 of the Wakeboard Queensland Summer Series kicked off this weekend and it was a great event.  The round was towed by Mastercraft and we used Harley Clifford’s boat for the event.

The venue was Marshalls Ski Lakes on the Sunshine Coast.  I have heard of it as a former venue for the World Championships, but have never been there.   It was developed by a family and they did it without certain council approvals so it’s not really open to the public, but they let us on for a special event.

Water conditions were ideal given that it was a windy day and I had an awesome qualifying heat finishing 2nd to Harley Clifford.  I had only managed 2 boat rides since coming back from the States s I was a bit rusty and it showed in the final where I only managed 4th.  Missing the podium now in my last 2 events has made me hungry.  I don’t want to miss another one this year.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's good to be back home

I have really enjoyed being back home and having time off the water.   I grabbed my old Skateboard and have been hitting the streets letting off some steam and having fun with my old Skate Crew.  I'm amazed years later at how good I still am.  My coach John Henson from ProWake Academy has told me that Board Sports in general are great for my wakeboarding, so Skating and Surfing are doing me good - and I am hoping to hit the slopes for a Snow Board soon.

The latest issue of Wake Magazine came out with an awesome 7 page article on me in it.  I was really pumped and loved the ride shots taken by Jamie Brooks for the issue.

Today I got hooked up with Von Zipper Eyewear as a Sponsor.  They have an awesome roster of athletes in a wide range of extreme sports and some great wakeboarders in the USA.  Like Billabong, I become their only Australian Wakeboarder which opens up opportunities for me in marketing, branding and exposure.

Dad is working away on some other awesome deals that will support me over the Aussie summer and for my US Pro campaign in 2011.

I am in the process of setting and benchmarking my goals for 2011.   I pretty well ticked everything off my 2010 list long before the year ended, so hopefully I will have the same drive, passion and energy to make it all happen again.   I believe my goals are realistic, and as Mum always says "if it is to be, it is up to me".  I like that!

Early night tonight I am leaving at 3am with Mick Watkins for the Monster Energy Tige Tour.   We hit Clermont for a Mini Tige Owners Reunion and Mick 'Personal Touch' Watkins is delivering a new Z1 to some lucky family up there.   The tour heads West and then back towards the Coast in a couple of weeks where I will get few nights sleep in my own bed before heading to NSW, ACT, SA and VIC to finish off the tour.   Then back home in December where I believe we will welcome some US Junior Riders who will escape Orlando for some Summer Downunder!   I can't wait.

Monday, September 20, 2010

International Ride for Peace Day

Made it back home on Wednesday morning without my Board Bag (a long story, but a good one for another time).  I think it's fair to say that I slept for the first couple of days just catching up and a hectic 2 months in Orlando.
The Annual 'Ride for Peace' Day was scheduled to be held at Sun Coast Cable at Bli Bli on Sunday September 19 and my good mate Damo Cox asked me to join a team with him.

So myself, Damo, Sam Byrne, Grant Young and Trent Hunt formed a 5 man team.   I rode pretty average all day just getting used to Aussie Cables again and getting back into Salt Water, but I really pulled it together for the final with an awesome run consistenting of s-bend to blinds, roll to blinds off the water Whirly 5's and shredding rails, which is one of the things I love the most about cable.
Our team came out with the win which was a pretty cool way to round out my first weekend back home.
I have a pretty hectic week ahead, I'm booked in for my boat and jet ski licence tomorrow and I head off on Friday for the Monster Energy Tige Tour.   I turn 16 at our first tour stop and hope to get a stopover somewhere next week so I can get my Learners Permit too.
Liquid Force have hooked me up with some 2011 gear for the Tige Tour (which they are also sponsoring)  so I have been busy stickering up the gear to show some love for the guys who make it happen for me.
It's going to be a good time on the road with Johnny 'Rubber' Henson and Nathan 'Tartoon' Green.  I'm really looking forward to reaching out some of the communities we visit have the collest people and some great wake talent.    The Tour means I missed a couple of Grass Roots Competitions, but that's cool - as long as I am getting my feet wet every day does it really matter?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Escape to Cocoa Beach Florida

With the World Championships done and dusted I had a couple of weeks to relax and chill a bit.

What's next?
I have been spending time with some of the Top US Junior Pros like Freddie Wayne and World Champ/US Pro Tour Champ Nick Galitifiore.   We were planning to rest a little, but we rode pretty much every day on boat, cable or hitting the rooftop off the Jet Ski.  Rode back at OWC and at McCormicks in Tampa.  
I went to a place called Busch Gardens with Nick which was just was awesome.The roller coasters were a lot bigger and better than any of the ones we have back home in Australia.   I got a laugh visiting the ‘Australian Culture Section’ with kangaroos and all of our wildlife roaming around.  It was fun to watch what people said, how they reacted and how they profile us.  I was wishing that Aussies and Kangaroos had some secret language or something so I could just jump the fence and do a Steve Irwin. ‘Have a look at this bloke, isn’t he a beauty’!

Cocoa Beach Florida
For the Labor Day Weekend, I was invited by Freddie Wayne and is family to head to Cocoa Beach for the long weekend.  Nice little road trip out past Cape Canaveral where the Space Shuttle is based and we got to one of the nicest beaches you can imagine.  Freddie and I were looking forward to letting off some steam by surfing, chasing girls and of course just soaking in the sun.  Lucky enough for us there was a surfing competition on the same beach where we were only a few miles from us.  Freddie & I woke up at the crack of dawn to beat all the tourists to the beach with our boards and had a really fun surf session for a few hours followed by a body surf for a while.  It was so nice to just chill in the salt water to remind me a little of home.  

Sunrise over Cocoa Beach
The salt water felt good on me after spending half of my life in America in fresh water lakes on the boat.  Once we were over the water we decided to put our boards in the back of the car and walk down to the pier where the comp was at, it was really cool with a huge crowd there just hanging out on the long weekend and enjoying the sun as much as we were. We got hit by a massive storm Sunday night so we decided to head home early so we could get prepared for an early morning set.

Back from Cocoa Beach , we waited for sunrise and the water was ready to be shredded so we packed up the car and cruised over to Nick Galotifiore’s house and spent a really fun day on the lake.  As happens a lot here, we got hit by an afternoon storm which kicked us off the water.  Rode again during the week and whent back to McCormicks Cable Park in Tampa with Terry Bailey who decided to join us.  , Its always fun heading to McCormicks because the cable runs clockwise which is always good to mix up our riding and encourages us to hit more switch air tricks and the rails there are amazing and the cable is very tight which is awesome for air tricks also.  Then once we were finished at the cable we decided to race home and hit another boat set before the sun went down for the night.   

I am really pumped about this weekend.  It’s the annual surf expo here in Orlando which all the major companies in wakeboarding attend.  The whole thing is just a meet and greet concept which is good for riders to get their foot in the door of a major company, it is also just good to be able to walk around and meet some of the key people that run the companies that drive wakeboarding to become a bigger and better sport.  Having the opportunity to network with these people for future connections comes in handy too.  My mentor and key sponsor Daniel Watkins is going to hang with me through the expo and ensure I make the right connections.  There is also lots of parties and awards nights that run at night like the Wakeboarding Magazine party and Parks Bonifay’s Double or Nothing presentation.  It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Between now and then, we have a few more rides scheduled.  I am really keen to make a little video clip of one of my sets, so that is a goal before the expo.

Monday, August 30, 2010

World Championship here I come

After my first Pro Tour ride, I couldn’t wait to get back to Orlando and get ready for Worlds.

I went back to the Wakeboard Camp at Clermont for a couple of nights to chill with my good mate Corey Turnbull.  I t was also good to see all the staff again and the Aussie Girls Crew of Amber, Hayley & Bec.    My new Watson Classic got shipped in from liquid force in time for me to get used to it before the Worlds and we headed straight out behind one of the camp boats Malibu v-rides and rode awesome the board had so much pop it was actually surprising and that board has now seen me through to landing a bunch of new tricks that I can do now.

Mid week I went out with Aaron Brown for a couple of  days having fun little jet ski sets at night hitting his rooftop and see what stupid stuff we could do off the little wake that the Seadoo put out. I also got to ride with Bennet Spartz behind his Nautique 230 on Lake Minnehaha which was awesome.  Then it was off to chill at Nick Galotifiore’s house on Lake Irma.  Nick was pretty pumped fresh from his US Pro Tour Win.  Mick, myself and Tony Carroll spent a lot of time adjusting the ballast to try and replicate a Supra Wake behind Nick’s Nautique 230.  I think we did a pretty good job and over the next 2 days we knocked out about 5 or 6 sets.   I just grilled myself on my pass and some of my bigger tricks making sure I was riding confident enough and consistent enough to be able to do my run at worlds.

Arrive in downtown Orlando and checked in to the Hotel for the main event – the WWA Wakeboard Worlds at OWC.  It was a crazy event; there were people everywhere and a lot of familiar faces especially from the huge Aussie contingent that had travelled over to Orlando for the competition.

WWA Wakeboard Worlds at OWC
When the heats for the Quarter Final were published, I had been put up against 2 good mates, and 2 of the best Junior Pro Men in the World.  US Pro Tour Champ Nick Galitifiore and Freddie Wayne.  I didn’t ride my best falling on my first trick and struggling to recover after that.  Nick & Freddie knocked me out of contention for the Semi’s, but Nick went on to win and Freddie also got to ride in the final, so it was a couple of quality riders to get rolled by. 
It was so thrilled to see a legend in the Australian wakeboarding world Dean Smith take out the competition for his first US competition win. And what a place to do it, at the last event of the season with every Australian there to see. Dean was just going insane when they called Phillip Soven’s name out for 2nd place.  Every Aussie and everyone else for that matter forming a circle around him clapping and whistling and yelling his name, it was just unreal!  Dean is a super nice guy, and as he said “for the next 365 Days, I can say I am the World Champion”.

I learnt a lot in my two big Pro Tour Events.  As a rider I am not far off the pace and have enough tricks to be a serious competitor.  I just need to learn to be a better competitor.  These two comps are the first 2 I have ever been in without my Dad there.  He is a great influence on me and always gets my head right for events.  However, I need to learn to do that on my own.  My plan is to be back next year, to do all 5 Pro Tour Events and the Worlds again, and Dad can’t spend 5 or 6 months over here with me.

Just chilling and thinking!
For the next couple of weeks I will be chilling with Nick, Tony and Freddie and continuing to ride every day.   We are planning to make a nice little video before the Surf Expo.   We will film on Lake Irma on Nick’s Nautique 230 and on Lake Whippoorwill on Freddie’s VLX.   Freddie has a psycho rail which is the same dimensions as the Pro Tour rooftop and he has an amazing trampoline to practice new tricks on before taking them to the water.

Freddie has the best wake on the lake and it is really cool to ride the same boat on the same lake where I landed my first Moby Dick 5.   I am missing my family and friends back home, but this journey will end soon enough.   Straight after the Surf Expo, it’s back home from some sleep and then off on the Monster Energy Tige Tour!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My first US Pro Tour Event

Had a nice flight to Knoxville and went and checked out the site. It’s a great location for people and crowds but it looked like the water traffic and roll back might be a problem. But hey, we all ride the same water so we are all affected the same.

For my first US Pro Event I was in Heat 2 against Julian Cohen, John Jeffries and Kyle Evans. I was first off the dock. I had a pretty solid ride, stand up pass which included a Toe 7, Back 5 and a Whirly 5. Didn’t need to throw down too much to get through and I was pleased to get through to the Semi Finals. I was stoked at the number of people who thought I was a podium chance. I just came here for the experience and to see what I need to do in the next 12 months to be a serious competitor in the Jr Pro Tour.

In the Semis I unfortunately crashed out on my opening trick (Whirly 5) which I never fall on and I crashed out on my opening trick of the 2nd pass (a tail glide) so I struggled to get enough tricks in my pass to get through to the final. It was a great event though and a really good one for Liquid Force and Australia with super nice people like Amber and Harley winning the event.

It was also good to have a talk with some of my Billabong Team Riders like Shawn Watson, Danny Harf and The Bomb. I met the Bomb at my first ever Pro Event on the Tour in Sydney 2 years ago, he is a cool guy. Shawn and Danny have both offered to take me riding.

Back to Clermont and riding with Danny Burnstein, I landed a toeside 9 and all of my other tricks. I thought to myself that this will be a good week getting ready for worlds.

Today I went out on Bennett’s boat with Aaron Brown and stuck more Toe 9’s, all of my 7’s and my 3 Mobe 5’s. Tricks come and go and sometimes when you learn something new, you lose something. I guess I am going through a solid phase at the moment where I have most of my tricks very consistent.

I have stopped free riding for the moment and I am just running my pass over and over.

Tonight I am heading to Aaron Browns to crash for the night. Tomorrow is the last day before worlds and I will get 3 or 4 sets in with Aaron and Nick Galotifiore am felling pretty pumped about it. Nick won the Overall Jr Mens Pro Tour, so he is the benchmark of what I need to be next year for my chance at a US Tour Title.

Worlds start on Thursday and finish on Sunday. It’s all about riding on Sunday, I hope I get the chance.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First week in America

I settled in to the Wakeboard Camp at Clermont. They are an awesome bunch and it’sthe home of our Aussie Girls Amber, Hayley and Bec. I didn’t get too much riding down in my first week because the Camp was at capacity and there was so much to do, but I did manage to head downtown for some boat sessions and some rides at OWC.

I have had so much fun hanging with my good friend Corey Turnbull. We ride together back home at cable and on our boat, and it's great being away with him.

I went out for a ride with Ben Greenwood and I did 5 different 7's in one set, 4 of them were in a row back to back which is awesome and I was also doing back to back mobe 5's (Crow & Whirly).

I went out in Freddie Waynes VLX on Lake Whippoorwill with Danny Burnstein and had a fun set. I landed a Moby Dick 5 on my first attempt and watched some sick runs from Freddie & Danny. It was great just chilling and listening to aussie tunes - Hilltop Hoods, Bliss and Eso. I had never tried a Moby Dick 5, and thought that a Skeezer 5 would be my next Mobe 5, but it felt good, and I have them consistent now. It was nice hanging at Freddie’s, his family remind me of mine and his Mum is awesome just like mine. I saw a sick new rail that is just insane and had a crazy tramp set on an olympic standard tramp (and Freddie absolutely dominates it). Freddie’s family have asked me to come stay with them after Worlds which I am looking forward to.

I have had lots of fun riding at OWC which is where the Worlds will be held. Danny Burnstein and I have been trying to learn two new tricks, one being a cab 10 and the other being a hoochie blind 3. I love OWC, it’s a very cool place.

I talked to Dad about me heading to Tennessee for the last stop of the Pro Tour. He thought it was a great idea to get some more competition experience, so he hooked me up with flights and a base at the Marriott with some of the other guys.

I also have been riding with Daniel Powers in his boat just getting my pass pretty sorted out for the Pro Tour Stop in Knoxville. I was hanging out there for the day with Danny Burnstein, Kyle Evans, Julien Cohen and of course Daniel Powers. Daniel is a great rider and a nice guy – I am looking forward to competing with all these guys in Knoxville.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Just landed in downtown Orlando

Corey and I touched down from the overnight flight from Los Angeles into Orlando at 5.30am and was picked up by Daniel Watkins. It was so cool for DW to drag himself out of bed at that hour to pick us up.

Daniel arranged for us to go out for a ride on Jimmy LaRiche's boat and I had the most awesome set and felt super confident. I also had a second ride with Jimmy's room mate Jeff Langley.

Went to Cable with Dean Smith where I caught up with a bunch of Aussies including Harley Clifford, Mitch Langfield, Brenton Priestley, Parker Siegele and Ryleigh Pfitzner. Had so much fun and went back to chill at Harley's house for the rest of the afternoon.

Finally checked in to the Wakeboard Camp at Clermont and made our plans for tomorrow and then went for a midnight swim and saw my first alligators.. I hear they aren't as bad as our Aussie crocodiles, but I wont swing too close just in case..

Looking forward to waking up tomorrow and continuing my adventure.....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.....

The countdown is on. Saturday morning I fly out with my good mate Corey Turnbull to Orlando - the land of dreams! Only a couple of quick stops in Auckland and Los Angeles along the way. I arrive on Sunday Morning at about 5am and will be met at the Airport by Wakeboard legend, and my number one mentor Daniel Watkins.

I will be based at the Wakeboard Camp at Clermont where fellow Liquid Force Riders Ben Greenwood and Amber Wing are based. I'm also looking forward to catching up with the Billabong Crew!

I have had a great week and have done so much riding doing between 2 and 4 sets everyday. I have my pass real consistent and just have to decide which 7's I am going to run with in the Worlds...

My old mate I grew up with in Echuca Jordan Uren has been at my place this week and he is riding real well too and will be heading back to Melbourne on Saturday with a few new tricks.

Have a big media day tomorrow on my last day starting with a Channel 9 News Crew meeting me at ProWake. Had to choose somewhere and thought it would be great to take them to Mick & Daniels to film. Then I have a crew from the Gold Coast Bulletin doing a set in the boat with me...

After that there's just one more sleep - I wonder if I will get any?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

10 Days and counting

10 days until I get to Orlando - I can't wait.

My sponsor and mentor Daniel Watkins was hooked me up with a base at the Wakeboard Camp in Clermont. I will be working at the Wake School and riding every day in preparation for the Worlds on August 18-21. Amber Wing and Ben Greenwood are based at the Camp so I will get to spend some time with the Liquid Force Crew and of course I will get to spend time with the Billabong Team as well.

I have been studying so hard trying to finish my Cert 3 in Fitness at the Australian Sports Academy. I got my Senior First Aid quals this week, and go for my boat licence next week too. As soon as I get back from the US and I going to do the extra units needed for me to get My Cert 3 in Sports Coaching which will be a great addition to assist me in my career.

Mick Watkins at ProWake is hooking me up for some work for them on photoshop to help pull together catalogues and stuff for the website. This will be great for me to help Nathan out when we go on Tour in September.

And about the tour - the Monster Energy Prowake Tige Tour starts on my 16th Birthday at Hervey Bay. This year I will get from Townsville to Renmark and all stops along the way - it's a huge tour, but it's a lot of fun too. We will be stopping at the Super Cross Events along the way to showcase the Monster Energy Boat too!

Between now and Orlando I just need to get as much water time as I can. I'm taking Mitch Askew up to the Brisbane River on Saturday my my good mate Jordan Uren arrives on Tuesday from Melbourne to ride with me until I leave.

I can't wait!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A big week of wakeboarding..

Wrapped up a pretty solid week behind the boat this week with some nice consistent runs of my pass for Worlds. The Junior Pro Mens category has been super competitive in the US this year judging by the Pro Tour stops so I really need to focus on consistency.

I am out in the boat today with my Coach John Henson. We are taking out a group of Executives from Schweppes the Australian Distributors of Monster Energy Drink. They are going to see what Rubber Johnny and I will be doing on this years Prowake Monster Energy Tige Tour. It's a beautiful winter day on the coast with blue sky and very little breeze so I am looking forward to taking my Watson out for a shred.

2 weeks today I am off to Orlando. My main man Daniel Watkins is going to meet me at the airport in Orlando. Daniel and Chris Heffner from Billabong are hooking me up for my trip and I am so pumped to be doing the trip from Brisbane - Auckland - Los Angeles - Orlando with my good mate Corey Turnbull. It's going to be so much fun!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ross River Rampage - Winner!!!

It's great to be on the road with guys like Ike, Rubber, Paul Boyd, Mick Watkins and Dwayne Priestley. We roll in to Townsville and catch up with Andrew Clinton, Dominic Clifford and Mitch Shepperd. Last time I saw Mitch was at Cable Nationals in Cairns and he was shredding their.

The setup was awesome and we had fun riding during the day for practice.

I was pumped to win the main event with Ike 2nd and Paul Boyd 3rd. Nice to beat some old legends of the sport.

Heading home to maybe have a day off tomorrow for body recovery and thinking about riding at Bli Bli on Sunday... Who's up for it?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to Wakeboard School!

I had a great week last week on the Coomera River riding every day with my Mum & Dad. I felt so good towards the end of the week about the way I was riding. Mum video tapes each session for me so I can review my ride, it's amazing how many little bad habits you can pick up when watch yourself in slow motion.

I spent the weekend at Somerset Dam riding with Cory Tuenissen and Reece Martinz and had a great couple of days. Everything just felt right and I was told it looked sweet too.

Today I am back on the Tweed with Rubber at the Prowake Academy. The next 3 days are going to be great and I want to really nail my pass for Orlando next month.

Photo shoot in the morning for Wake Magazine so lets hope for flat water and blue skies!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Video Clip from Wake Daily

I just got a copy of a great little video put together by Jason MacAlpine from WakeDaily.com

We spent a couple of days together doing a little video on the Coomera River and it was a lot of fun.

Check out the clip at www.wakedaily.com

I have just received some tentative dates for the Tige Tour for this Summer - it looks like I am going to be doing a lot of travel when I get back from the States.

Can wait for Summer - bit first I have to get to Orlando!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bli Bli Cable

It's a perfect day today, not a breathe of wind and I am heading out the door with Nick Horatis and Damo Cox to go and shred Bli Bli.  Steve Dipple has put a 2.0 system on the second lake.  My mates who have ridden it say its awesome and I cant wait to try out my new Liquid Force Watson Hybrid on it.

Dad is working like crazy on my new website and says it should launch this weekend.  Can't wait to see the final version!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Courier Mail

What a thrill to be interviewed by the Courier Mail and take them out for a wakeboard.  It was really windy and we had white caps on the Coomera River but we got some great shots.

Can't believe I made page 9 with almost a full page of colour photos on a big news day.  Apparently we got a new Prime Minister yesterday or else I might have made page 3 lol.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting my feet wet again

I have spent the past 2 weeks on dry land and finally today I am getting my feet wet again.

I've been working hard on my fitness training and my mental preparation for the Worlds in Orlando.

I am spending the next couple of days with the ProWake Academy down on the Tweed with John Henson.  Rubber is an awesome coach and he is happy that I have enough tricks to take to Worlds, I just need to focus now on my consistency.

Heff from Billabong and Daniel Watkins from ProWake are working to hook me up for my 7 weeks in the USA - cant wait to hit the water at Projects.

I'm so lucky to be living in South East Queensand where you can ride all year around.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hanging out with Jason from Wake Daily

Spent a couple of days with Jason McAlpine from Wake Daily.  He is been filming a video 'A day in the life of Dylan' which looks pretty cool.   Got some nice sequences on film so I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.
Jason is also making a clip for me for the Billabong Website for my Team Riders Page.  Yewww!
Off to Melbourne tonight for a week which will be the longest I have been off the water in over a year.  Going to chill with my big Brother and Mum & Dads families and go visit some wineries which we do every year for Queens Birthday weekend.
Back on the 14th and down to serious business - 6 weeks until I get to Orlando..  It's going to be big!
You can check out Wake Daily at www.wakedaily.com  The site is due for a major launch in August

Monday, May 31, 2010

Photoshoots and new ride gear

It's been a couple of big weeks for me getting out in my new ride gear.  Had a shoot with Daniel Watkins done by Adam Dodd.  Awesome photographer, but we just struggled with the weather.
Did a 6am start on the Tweed on Friday with Jaimi Brooks behind Rubber's Tige Boat.  We took ours as a chase boat and thought we had wasted our time.  Arrived at Fingal Head to white caps and black clouds.  Cruised upstream towards Tumbulgum and the sun broke through for about 90 minutes enabling me to get some great shots taken including some new sequence shots for a ProWake project!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Team Billabong - Here I come

I just signed a multi season contract with Billabong as the first ever Australian Rider on their Pro Wake Team.  Awesome to on the same team as Shawn Watson - I ride a Watson Board & Boots and use a Watson handle...   To have team mates like Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Brian Grubb, Kevin Henshaw and Erick Ruck is awesome.   
Have some incredible photo shoot concepts we are working on now as well as my Billabong Team Rider Web Page...
So pumped, I just want to go out and ride again!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cable Wakeboard Nationals

Really excited to be in Cairns this week for the Cable Nats.  It's an awesome Cable Park and a great climate for riding with ideal water temperature.
I flew up on Tuesday with my folks and Cameron Edwards.  My Logan mates Damo, Corey and Nick arrived today and they are all set for tomorrow.   Have spent a lot of time with the Oxlade's from Singapore. Jaimi is 12 and just rips at Cable.  Her older Brother Aussie broke his Femur on Sunday just after arriving so I haven't had a chance to watch him ride.  He was released from Hospital today and has been able to hang out for the afternoon watching the crew ride.  With Sam Gunn,  Matty Denitis and James Windsor riding the event is legit - so much talent all set to go off.
PS Love the free wifi at Cairns Cable - updating my blog on the balcony watching the cable right now!

Friday, April 30, 2010

High Performance Coaching Camp

I have spent the week with Jacob Horre and Lauren Bell who won the Aussie Junior Titles and Parker Siegle who was runner up to me at Nationals.  We are doing a High Performance Coaching Program that was funded by the Australian Waterski & Wakeboard Federation to develop an Australian Team.  We spend mornings on the water in the ProWake Academy Tige of John Henson and afternoons at Chek Australia. Chek train some of the best athletes in Australia - mind - body - exercise - mental preparation - nutrition - stretching - muscle recovery etc...  They trained Stephanie Gilmore and Mick Fanning in preparation for the World Championships and have an amazing record.  We have also done some media training too which has been awesome.
And I got a Crow 5 consistent along with a Toe Side Back 360 with a solid grab.  The camp was brilliant.
Off to Cairns next week for the Australian Cable Wakeboard Nationals - it's going to be fun!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So much happening

Smashed up my hand at Cable and need some time off the water.  Working this week at the ProWake Clearance Sale for Jet Pilot, Liquid Force and O'Brien.   It will be huge.
Have the AWWF High Performance Coaching Program next week, then back to Cable getting ready for Cable Nationals in Cairns.
Then I am hitting the road with Rubber Johnny and Mick Watkins for a couple of weeks for a North Queensland Tour.    Life is good!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Loving Somerset Dam

Spent a great week with Chris Flaxman filming his latest project.  Had some cable sessions at Logan and Bli Bli and some boat sessions on the Coomera River, Brisbane River and 5 days at Somerset.
The weekend was a celebration for QWA end of season and we have about 70 people in the old Coronation Hall.  As usual Mum fed everybody and it was a great night.  My mate Cory won the Mark Kenny Award and was so emotional it was great.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wow, what an amazing week

I spent Good Friday with Dimi, Justin Abbott and Dad on the Maroochy River at the Cod Hole doing some shots for Boarder Magazine.  We were struggling for a while waiting for the sun to poke out from the clouds but when it did it was great.  My first ride on the Maroochy, and I dare say I will be back.   Had a sneak peak at Dimi's camera when we finished.  Awesome shots, he is such a great photographer.  And Justin Abbott was awesome, the was throwing massive Crow Mobe's so far out into the flats he almost ran out of rope before he landed them.  Lots of fun to watch him punish himself like that and the photo's will be brilliant.
Spent this morning out with a crew from Channel 9 and NBN for some news segments.  Dad is great at publicity and he always says anything that gets wakeboarding in the news in a positive way is a good thing.
Easter is going to be fun!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A most exciting week

It was awesome to fly home to the Gold Coast and see the Gold Coast Bulletin had a massive colour photo of me on Page 1.  Might have been a slow news day, but it was fantastic see wakeboarding make Page 1.
I spent today with the crew from 'Places We Go' on the Tweed River.  It's a travel and lifestyle show on the Discovery Channel and Network 10.  Rubber and I took Jennifer Adams and Clint Bizzell out for a wakeboard and ended up with a nice big Aussie BBQ on a houseboat - how's the serenity?  Checkout their website www.placeswego.com  they are also on facebook!
Planning on shooting with Dimi from Boarder over Easter if the weather is good and I am looking forward to that - just fun times riding and no competitions to worry about.
Having said that, I need to spend some time at Cable as the Cable Nationals are on in Cairns on May 9.  I got 2nd at Cable Nats last year, but this year I am in Under 20's and there are some awesome riders in that group.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Australian Wakeboard Nationals at Renmark

I am so thrilled to have been crowned this weekend the new Australian Junior Boys Champion.
I had fantastic rides in my Heats and Semi finishing in first place overall and then having an awesome ride in the final to win.
I want to thank the people who have supported me along the way.  Daniel & Mick Watkins from ProWake, Mick Neville and Paul Hodge from Liquid Force, Paul from Slush Puppie, Mum and Dad and the families who help each other out all the time.  The Clifford, The Askews, The Teunissens - what an amzing group of friends my parents and I have made on our journey so far in this sport.
And a special shout out to John Henson from Pro Wake Academy who really helped me pull it all together and get focussed for competition.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Queensland Wakeboard Championships

Just wrapped up the State Champs on the Gold Coast.  Had an awesome ride on Saturday winning both Heats, but let myself down a bit on Sunday and was outgunned by a mate who had the ride of his life.
That's wakeboarding for you - you have to nail it in the one that counts and my chance comes again this week at Nationals.  I am stoked that my Coach is going to be there for a few days for me.
Can't wait to hit Renmark and be on the Murray River again where I first rode behind a boat as a kid.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

ProWake Academy

I have been spending some great time with my Coach Johnny 'Rubber' Henson and Jacob Hore getting ready for the end of Season Comps States and Nationals.  
Have a few more days to focus on my technique and to work on my style.  Dean Smith said to me recently that most of the Juniors in Australia ride the same and there was an opportunity for someone to really develop their own style and I am working on that.
Have my Whirly 5 and Heel 7 pretty good and hopeing to take them to Nationals with me

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tige Owners Reunion at Grafton

Awesome weekend with my ProWake and Tige Team mates down at Grafton.  Had a great day with Dean Smith out on our boat and forgot how nice it was to ride in fresh water for  change.
On Saturday Night I did an exhibition run with Dean Smith, Nick Weinacker and some champions in other disciplines like Slalom, Barefoot, Kneeboard, Sky Chair Wake Surfing.
Had probably the best ride of my life, it was awesome to thrown down Whirly 5's, Back 5's and Heel 7's in front of such a big crowd.  My Coach was stoked. He hadnt seen me ride for a month and I hate 2 big new tricks he didn't know I could do

Sunday, February 21, 2010

BroStock at Penrith Cables

Fantastic trip to Sydney for the first ever BroStock.   Arrived Friday and had a great doubles set on the Cable with Shawn Watson.  I competed in the Rail Jam on Saturday and the Siesitech Obstacle Challenge on Sunday.  I got a podium in both events and picked up a couple of prize cheques which capped off a great weekend.
Sunday Night was the Riders Choice Awards which was a good way to finish off the weekend.  It was awesome to see top international riders like Watson, Fooshee, Greenwood and Rathy come over to compete in our comp.
This week I will get a few rides in with Harley before he heads over to Abu Dhabi and this weekend we have the Tige Owners Reunion on Grafton.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back to practice

The Pro-Am was an awesome experience.  My knee was sore and I didn't ride my best but it was a good event.  I actually rode better in the Pro Event than I did in the Junior Mens.  Rail Jam this Friday night at Bli Bli, QWA Round 5 the following Saturday and then BroStock the weekend after that.   Boat, Cable, Sisitech 2.0   Lots to do.  I am going to Penrith for a week before BroStock to ride with Dean Smith, Tom Fooshee and Shawn Watson which will be an really sick.  After that, 5 weeks of straight up boat time to get ready for Nationals.
My Slush Puppie Poster is out and it looks good.  It will be trippy to see it in shops but cool at the same time.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australian Pro Am at Stoney Park

About to head off for the trip down to Port Macquarie for the Australian Pro Am.  This is the only WWAA Event in Australia this summer and an important qualifing round for the Worlds in Orlando later this year.  
I have been off the water for a week after suffering my first real knee injury.  A few scans, a lot of ice and rest and I think I am ready to hit the water tomorrow.  Wont really know until I hit my first wake in the heats, but I am looking forward to testing it out!

Friday, January 22, 2010

ProWake Academy

I have been enjoying a great week on the Tweed River with my Coach Johnny 'Rubber' Henson.  Jacob Hore and Kuri Wickcliffe have come along and we have been having a great few days behind the RZ2.  We are all preparing for the Pro-Am at Stoney Park next weekend.  So stoked to be heading off for another comp!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome to 2010

What a start to the year!  I went back on the Tige Tour from the Gold Coast down to Sydney having rides at Grafton, Newcastle, The Hawkesbury and Penrith.  Had the pleasure of spending time with Parks Bonifay and Dean Smith, and attending Parks' DVD Premiere.  Rode the New Cable Park at Penrith (best in Australia) and then flew into Adelaide for Wake Wars.  Wake Wars was my first open age Pro Event and it was sick.  The weather was hot, the course was perfect and the Glenelg girls were good!   Today I am off to Bli Bli to shred with US Pro Tour Champion and new Australian King of Wake Harley Clifford.    Liquid Force Rail Jam and QWA Round 4 this weekend will keep me busy!